Shoulder Pain Pump Lawsuits

Shoulder pain pump lawsuits are defective device civil cases for those who suffered severe injuries from using a shoulder pain pump produced by I-Flow, Inc., or Stryker. If you were injured by a shoulder pain pump you may be entitled to seek compensation for permanent disabilities, medical bills, pain, and suffering. Surgically implanted after arthroscopic shoulder surgery, pain pumps are devices that provide recovering patients with pain relieving medication either slowly and consistently or on demand.

Complications Spark Shoulder Pain Pump Litigation

Although the devices are removed and disposed of after they are no longer needed, within 3 to 12 months of using the pain pump, approximately 63 percent of patients will develop a debilitating, painful, and irreversible condition known as post-arthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis (PAGCL), according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

PAGCL is a condition in which the shoulder’s cartilage deteriorates, causing bones in the shoulder to grind on each other. In addition to being extremely painful, PAGCL also dramatically limits range of motion, causes grinding in the shoulder, and makes the shoulder joint weaker and stiffer. There is no quick treatment of PAGCL, and many of those diagnosed with this condition end up needing shoulder replacement surgery, which:

  • is painful, expensive, and invasive
  • requires lengthy hospital stays
  • has a long associated recovery process that involves extensive physical therapy, along with medication and exercise

Medical device manufacturers are still producing and distributing these pumps even though the risks and dangers associated with defective shoulder pain pumps are well-known. Furthermore, they are not making any efforts to warn doctors or the public about the injuries pain pumps can cause.

Starting a Shoulder Pain Pump Lawsuit

Those who are diagnosed with PAGCL and have a history of using shoulder pain pumps will have a strong products liability claim against the corporation that produced that pump. Victims can learn more about their legal rights, find out if they have a case, and receive an expert evaluation of their case by attending a complimentary initial consultation with an experienced attorney.

Skilled pain pump attorneys work on contingency to help alleviate their clients stresses during such trying times. Pain pump attorneys are incredibly motivated to:

  • build their clients the strongest possible cases
  • aggressively litigate their clients’ cases in any necessary legal proceeding
  • get their client through the legal process as efficiently as possible
  • help their client win the highest possible compensation award

If you or a loved one used a shoulder pain pump and suffers from PAGCL you should contact us immediately for a free and confidential case review. You may be entitled to compensation and we can help.