First approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1999, Avandia (generically known as rosiglitazone) is a type-2 diabetes medication that improves insulin response, thereby improving control over blood sugar (glucose) levels. Avandia is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and it should be taken for the shortest period of time to achieve effectiveness. Sales of Avandia topped out in 2006 when GSK pulled in approximately $3.2 billion from Avandia sales.

Avandia Side Effects

Despite being an effective drug for the treatment of type-2 diabetes, Avandia may cause a range of severe side effects, including heart disease, heart attack, stroke, bone fractures, and moderate to severe hepatitis. In fact, some research indicates that Avandia is the most dangerous thiazolidinedione medication on the market, as it has been reported to cause more wrongful deaths than its competitor Actos. From July through September 2009 alone, Avandia reportedly caused more than 300 wrongful deaths.

While the FDA has held hearings regarding whether to recall Avandia, the majority has ruled that the drug should stay on the market, which means that patients are still at serious risk of sustaining potentially fatal Avandia side effects.

Avandia Lawsuit

GSK is facing more than 13,000 Avandia lawsuits, and these numbers are expected to rise as more patients are diagnosed with serious Avandia side effects “ and ultimately decide to stand up for their legal rights by following through with an Avandia lawsuit. Defective drug attorneys encourage injured parties to attend a free initial consult, once their health is no longer in danger, to receive a comprehensive assessment of their case, along with the opportunity to get their case started at no upfront cost.

Avandia Settlement

While no amount of money can make up for permanent disabilities or the loss of a loved one due to severe Avandia side effects, Avandia settlements attempt to provide victims with a monetary award so they don’t face any financial burdens during such devastating and tragic times. The amount of an Avandia settlement will vary according to the nature and severity of a victim’s injuries; however, Avandia settlements may include compensation for medical costs, irreversible physical damage, lost wages, diminished quality of life, pain, and suffering.

If you or a loved one have used Avandia and suffered from heart disease, heart attack, stroke, bone fractures, or hepatitis, you should contact our Avandia attorneys immediately for a free and confidential case review. You may be entitled to compensation and we can help.