Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide Lawsuit

If the Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was used for your knee replacement surgery and then you experienced complications like chronic pain, mobility limitations, joint instability, fracture, or needed corrective surgery, you may be eligible for a Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide lawsuit.

Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide Patients have complained about these issues years after the initial surgery.  This may lead to an additional surgery to correct the problem.  The FDA found that the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides didn’t meet the surgeon’s “pre-operative planning parameters” resulting in things such as the angle of the cut, or the depth not matching the produced cutting guides.

What is a Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide?

The Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was approved by the FDA in May 2011.  The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides help your surgeon position and size the implants before surgery.  Then 3D imaging from an MRI or CT scan is used to further help guide surgeons during knee replacement surgery.  The cutting guides were meant for single-use for each individual patient and are disposable.

2013 Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide Recall

In November 2012, Stryker Orthopaedics asked surgeons to stop using and ordering ShapeMatch Cutting Guides and the product was taken off the market.

Then, in January 2013 Stryker voluntarily recalled the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide.  This recall didn’t include the Triathlon Knee System or the Triathlon standard instrumentation.

In April 2013, the FDA classified Stryker’s voluntary recall as Class I.  This classification is considered the most serious recall, and according to the FDA the “use of the product could cause serious health consequences or even death.”

The FDA asks that patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery with the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide and feel that their knees are not functioning properly  should contact their doctors immediately.

Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide Lawyer

If you or a loved one underwent knee replacement surgery with the use of a Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guide, the attorneys at Chaffin Luhana LLP may be able to help.  You may be entitled to compensation.  Call today for a free and confidential case evaluation at 1-888-480-1123.