Chinese Drywall

During the housing boom from 2004 through 2007, American contractors and construction companies imported more than 300 million square feet of drywall from China in order to construct approximately 60,000 homes. In addition to being used to build new homes, Chinese drywall was also imported to repair homes that were damaged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Chinese drywall has been used throughout the U.S., but most was used in southern states, including Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, and Florida. Two of the most prominent suppliers of Chinese drywall include Taishan Gypsum and the Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Company.

Defective Chinese Drywall Problems

Within a few years of Chinese drywall installation, homeowners began reporting smelling foul odors (due to sulfur) and experiencing bloody noses, sinus problems, intense headaches, and respiratory problems. Some even reported developing sleep apnea. In addition to causing health problems, defective Chinese drywall has also been reported to cause costly property damage, as the sulfur odors can damage copper wiring and increase the risk of a fire.

While the Chinese government has announced that it is investigating the problems of the drywall exported to the U.S., more than 2,100 individuals in the U.S. have filed product liability lawsuits against the likely negligent drywall manufacturers, distributors, and contractors.

Chinese Drywall Mediation

Before a defective Chinese drywall case goes to trial, mediation proceedings typically take place to see if the matter can be resolved without a lengthy hearing in court. During Chinese drywall mediation, skilled product liability lawyers will attempt to secure the compensation that injured homeowners deserve by aggressively standing up for victims’ rights.

Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

While some Chinese drywall lawsuits involve mediation or arbitration proceedings, others will go to trial. In these cases, product liability attorneys will work with the appropriate experts to help build victims the strongest possible cases. Our attorneys will not charge any legal fees for their superior services until a settlement has been granted for a particular Chinese drywall lawsuit.

Chinese Drywall Settlements

Although Chinese drywall settlements cannot fully restore lost property values, they attempt to compensate injured homeowners for the cost of replacing the defective drywall, their medical bills, and any permanent injuries they have sustained.

If you or a loved one have Chinese drywall and suffered from bloody noses, sinus problems, intense headaches, respiratory problems, or sleep apnea, you should contact our Chinese drywall attorneys immediately for a free and confidential case review. You may be entitled to compensation and we can help.