Anesthesia Injuries

Despite the advances of modern medicine, doctors and nurses can still make mistakes that cause severe injuries and even wrongful death. One type of doctor negligence is the incorrect and/or unsafe administration of anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery.

There are a number of factors that anesthesiologists have to take into consideration to ensure patients’ safety. In addition to weight and medical history, the amount of time needed to keep the patient under must be factored in. This leaves a lot of room for possible miscalculations that can result in serious, irreversible anesthesia injuries.

Types of Anesthesia Injuries

Given the range of possible mistakes from anesthesia, there are also various injuries, including the following, that can be caused by such medical negligence:

  • birth defects
  • brain damage (should the brain be sufficiently deprived of oxygen)
  • coma
  • heart attack
  • pain or alertness during a surgical procedure
  • paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • permanent nerve damage
  • severe allergic reaction
  • stroke
  • wrongful death

Medical Malpractice that Causes Anesthesia Injuries

Specific ways in which medical professionals can cause anesthesia injuries include:

  • administering anesthesia too late
  • failing to detect and promptly treat a patient’s lack of oxygen (or breathing problems)
  • failing to properly assess a patient’s allergies
  • failing to properly monitor a patient while he is sedated
  • injecting excessive or insufficient amounts of anesthesia
  • using defective medical equipment to attempt to maintain a patient’s vital signs while he is sedated

Compensation for Anesthesia Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered or even died from anesthesia injuries, medical malpractice lawyers welcome you to a complimentary initial consultation for a professional evaluation of your case. In addition to helping you obtain your medical records, we can put you in contact with medical professionals who can pinpoint the type of mistakes responsible for your injury. Those who choose to stand up for their legal rights and pursue a malpractice lawsuit can secure compensation for their medical bills, treatment costs, permanent disabilities, pain, and suffering.

If you or a loved one have suffered from any side effect including birth defects, brain damage, paraplegia, quadriplegia, stroke, or death, you should contact our anesthesia injury lawyers immediately for a free and confidential case review. You may be entitled to compensation and we can help.