Hormone Replacement Therapy Lawsuit

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) lawsuits seek monetary compensation for women who have sustained serious health complications from taking HRT drugs, such as Prempro. Prempro is produced by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (a division of Pfizer). Currently, Wyeth is facing more than 10,000 HRT lawsuits, and has paid out more than $165 million in HRT litigation settlements.

Prescribed for years in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, hormone replacement therapy uses estrogen, progesterone, and/or progestin to minimize hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, and other menopausal symptoms. It comes in pill form, and it has been taken by more than 6 million women in the U.S.

Serious risks and side effects associated with the use of Prempro became public when, in 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative announced that it was ceasing a large clinical study on HRT medication due to findings that the drugs were increasing the risk of breast cancer by 26 percent, of blood clots by 100 percent risk, and of stroke by 41 percent.

Basis for Hormone Replacement Therapy Lawsuits

Along with breast cancer, blood clots, and stroke, other serious health complications that form the basis of HRT litigation include:

  • endometrial cancer (a type of uterine cancer)
  • gallbladder disease
  • heart attack
  • increased breast density (which some researchers believe may also increase the risk of developing breast cancer)
  • ovarian cancer
  • pulmonary embolism (blood clots lodged in the lungs that impede breathing and can be fatal without prompt treatment).

Starting an HRT Lawsuit

Women who develop any serious HRT side effect may require emergency medical care to save their lives. You may also be entitled to a compensation from the drug company who made the HRT drug(s). If you have taken HRT and believe you have been injured as a result, you are welcome to attend a complimentary initial consultation with a skilled defective drug lawyer to:

  • Learn more about your legal rights and entitlements
  • Receive a professional, comprehensive evaluation of your case
  • Get expert advice regarding the best manner in which to proceed in order to secure the maximum possible settlement
  • Secure top-of-the-line legal services at no cost until or unless a settlement is granted in your case

If you or a loved one have used HRT or taken Prempro and suffered from any side effect including blood clots, stroke, pulmonary embolism, breast or ovarian cancer, you should contact us immediately for a free and confidential case review. You may be entitled to compensation and we can help.