Darvon & Darvocet Litigation

Darvon and Darvocet litigation aims to secure monetary compensation for those who developed serious drug-induced side effects after taking either of these brand name pain medications (both generically known as dextropropoxyphene). Produced by Eli Lilly and Company and first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1972, Darvocet is a potent opioid pain reliever that has been prescribed in the treatment of mild to moderate chronic pain, specifically such as fibromyalgia or restless leg syndrome. Darvocet is about one-half to two-thirds as powerful as codeine.

However, disturbing findings that Darvocet was causing some serious side effects in some patients led the FDA to issue a nationwide recall of the drug on November 19, 2010. Darvocet patients are encouraged to see their doctor as soon as possible to find a safer alternative, such as tramadol.

Darvon & Darvocet Lawsuits Focus on Serious Side Effects

Severe, debilitating side effects that have formed the basis for defective drug lawsuits against Eli Lilly and Company include:

  • acute pancreatitis
  • arrhythmia
  • dependence on the drug and withdrawal upon cessation of taking the medication
  • heart attack
  • kidney damage, jaundice and/or liver damage
  • permanent damage to the central nervous system
  • severe allergic reaction
  • stroke
  • suicidal thoughts or behaviors and/or depression

Tragically, patients carry a risk of developing any of these Darvocet side effects while taking or well after they have stopped taking the pain reliever.

Starting Darvon & Darvocet Litigation

Those who do sustain such devastating Darvocet injuries should:

  • Seek emergency medical attention to avoid further, potentially fatal health complications.
  • Contact one of our skilled defective drug lawyer, once their health is no longer in danger, to learn more about their legal rights and the process associated with starting Darvocet litigation.

Our seasoned defective drug attorneys will not charge prospective plaintiffs any legal fees until or unless a settlement or jury verdict is awarded to them. In order to give injured Darvocet patients the best chances of winning a settlement or jury verdict and securing the maximum possible compensation amount, our defective drug lawyers will work with experts, litigate aggressively in any necessary legal proceeding, and work tirelessly to build our clients the strongest possible Darvocet lawsuit. Our ultimate goal is to get our clients through the legal process as efficiently and successfully as possible so our clients can focus on recovering and moving on with their lives.