Client Testimonials

œI was very pleased with the representation that I received for my case. I had a positive experience with this firm and I would recommend your firm to my family and friends. “ Judy R., Product Liability Injury Client, Over $4 Million Settlement

œ[The attorneys] were very thorough as well as informative. They contacted me and explained everything as the case progressed. Roopal was always so friendly and supportive. I felt she cared more about me personally than she did about the case. Because of that I felt she had far more desire to win the case. “ Jodie S., Product Liability Injury Client, $3 Million Settlement

œI would tell prospective client[s of your firm] to be patient “ trust your lawyers, trust that they know what they are doing, even though it is hard for people not in the business to understand all the legal wording and details. “ Duane B., Product Liability Injury Client, Nearly $3 Million Settlement

œI was never left to wonder what was going on. [Chaffin Luhana] communicated either by phone or mail to keep me informed. If I called them, they either took my call immediately or called back in a timely manner. I would recommend the firm to friends and family based on my wonderful experience. “ Mary Jo E., Product Liability Injury Client, Over $2.5 Million Settlement

œWell explained and speedy resolution. Received a much higher settlement than anticipated. “ Birgit C., Product Liability Injury Client , Over $2.5 Million Settlement

œWe called the number thinking nothing would happen but turned out to be the best move of our life. We are very grateful for the ad and the wonderful services of Chaffin Luhana LLP. [The attorneys and staff] made you feel very confident with the handing of the case “ felt like they were long time friends and explained things so we could understand.  “ Lawrence H., Product Liability Injury Client, Over $2 Million Settlement

œCommunications were timely, clear, professional yet compassionate. This was the first time I had occasion to deal with lawyers and thankfully I found the ˜lawyers tales’ not to be true! Would recommend Chaffin Luhana to family/friends without hesitation.
“ Carolyn W., Product Liability Injury Client, Over $2 Million Settlement

œMorissa: We wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did for us. You did a lot to help us get through such a difficult time.” – Wesley and Megan P., Product Liability Injury Client, Nearly $2 Million Settlement

œFirst class law firm. You equalized the playing field and gave me a voice concerning a major drug company¦You gave me my dignity back. Very positive experience. I would certainly recommend you for anyone needing first rate attorneys. After losing so much and suffering for years, you solved and found resolutions for what had really happened to us! Thank you for all of the hard work you did on our behalf. Roopal and Eric worked endless hours on our behalf and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. God bless and thank you!”– Esther M., Product Liability Injury Client, $1.9 Million Settlement

“Thank you for the lunch and the Broadway show. New York is so great I hope I can go back again someday. Thank you again for everything. It was so nice to meet you. Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.” – Sharon L., Product Liability Injury Client, $1.9 Million Settlement

“I am glad that I have retained your services. I am also glad that you are there to help me, my family, and other families who may be going through the same issues that I am…And from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for everything.” – Consumer Client, $1.7 Million Settlement

“As a client of this firm, I would highly recommend this firm for the experience, consideration and quality they as a group showed.” – Billie H., Product Liability Injury Client, Over $1.5 Million Settlement

“Eric, I need you to know that I am so thankful for you…! You will always be a part of a learning memory and a positive outcome for me…[t]hank you so very much, your friend…” – Client, Nearly $1.5 Million Settlement

“Eric and Roopal, when my case was settled, my mother was in the hospital and has been in and out since then. So I forgot one major thing – THANK YOU BOTH!” – Annette and Sam M., Product Liability Injury Client, $1.1 Million Settlement

“After everything that [our child] went through, it was nice to have you and your staff work so hard on our behalf. We are very pleased with the end results of this case and [our child] will have a much brighter future thanks to your help.” – Client, Over $1 Million Settlement

“Dear Eric: To a dear friend with a heart of gold. You bring much needed ethics and dignity to the law profession. You have made a profound impact on my life.” – Client, Over $1 Million Settlement

“Dear Roopal. To a bright and beautiful lady. It is a pleasure to know you. All the best.” – Client, Over $1 Million Settlement

œThank you from the bottom of our hearts.
-Tom and Ana F., Product Liability Injury Clients, Over $1 Million Settlement

œMy husband and I were more than pleased. Very pleased with the speed and devotedness of Eric and Roopal. I have honestly never saw two more devoted lawyers. I have dealt with lawyers in the past and they cannot compare.
“ Annette M., Product Liability Injury Client, Over $1 Million Settlement

œYou were caring and kept me up to date on what was going on. You were the best.
“ Eugene B., Products Liability Injury Client, $1 Million Settlement

œI was very pleased with your firm. I was glad to have an attorney like you all. When I would call you always return my call and that’s a plus. If I ever need an attorney for something else []I will contact [you].
“ Darlene G., Product Liability Injury Client, $500,000 Settlement

œVery pleased with everything. Would recommend [you] to anyone.
“ Bobby C., Product Liability Injury Client

“I know first-hand that Eric is exceptional when it comes to putting together a case and he has the compassion, tenacity and skills as a litigator to battle the largest corporations and win.” – Graham Handyside, VP of Global Operations at WG Security Products

œ[We want to] express eternal gratitude for all you’ve done for our brother and his family. Holidays are often bitter sweet as we remember past celebrations¦ thanks again for honoring our [brother]¦ forever keeping his memory alive.” – Family Member in Wrongful Death Case

œThank you for all the good work.” Ursula A., Product Liability Injury Client

œI just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Roopal and all your colleagues for working on our case. I know that you all did everything you could on our behalf and it has been very much appreciated¦. I thank you for all your effort and time.”– Product Liability Client

œI write this letter to say your employee is the best person for her job. This lady returned all of my calls and helped me with my concerns. She was truthful and very knowledgeable from the first phone call until the last e-mail and last phone call.” – Potential Client

“It’s a shame that the insurance companies put you through this¦I’m glad there are people like you out there because the insurance companies would walk all over” victims otherwise. – Mark S., Auto Personal Injury Settlement

œI called a couple other firms and they said they wouldn’t take [my case] because of limited tort. Chaffin Luhana did. They’re trying to help you when you’re in pain and I thought that was great. [The firm] called and let [me] know what was going on, like [I was] family.” -Judy H., Automobile Accident Victim

“I didn’t know what to expect since I never needed an attorney before. You took care of everything and were there for me.” -Vicky B., Automobile Accident Victim

œI thank the firm for doing such a great job!” -John W., Automobile Accident Victim

œThey treat you like family. I was even sent a sympathy card when my mother passed, which was totally unexpected.” -Debra S., Automobile Accident Victim

œ(Chaffin Luhana) definitely delivered. The previous firm told me they couldn’t help me. My mom saw the commercial and she said try someone else. I called you and within four months you had it all resolved.” -Carley H., Automobile Accident Victim

œ[The firm has] done right [by] me. You did everything right. Informing me and keeping me up to date. You did a fine job. I appreciate you very much.” -Roger J., Automobile Accident Victim

œThis is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with anything like this. In my 70 years, I’ve never had to deal with anything legal. There’s no possible way I could have done it myself.”-Timothy B., Automobile Accident Victim

œYou guys call me all the time. And you told me if I needed anything to call. That was nice.” -Constance H., Automobile Accident Victim

œYou got better results than I thought we would. The whole process was extremely quick. If I know anyone else who is injured, I’ll tell them to call Eric.”-David T., Automobile Accident Victim

œYou guys are great. Every time I called, you were nice. You guys kept up with everything and you kept things in order. I’ll definitely call you first if anything like this happens to me in the future.” –Michael E., Automobile Accident Victim

œRoopal “ just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me and my family. You turned what started out to be a very dark chapter in my life into something that’s turned out to be a blessing.” -Donna C., Product Liability Injury Client

œEverything was good. The attorney was very informative and helped me through everything. The case managers were helpful too and helped me get everything together for the case. Everything was faster than I thought it would be.” -Derek B., Automobile Accident Victim

œEveryone communicated with me and kept me up-to-date. I appreciate everyone’s help. Everyone was so nice.” -Aisha L., Automobile Accident Victim

œThe staff was all very nice and answered all my questions. I never felt like I was bothering them by calling. -Nancy M., Automobile Accident Victim

œI thought the people at Chaffin Luhana were very thorough and went to the full extent of their ability to get me a fair settlement. I’m very happy with the firm.Laura P., Automobile Accident Victim

œEverything was great. I’ve never been in a situation like this. Once the staff explained the process, it made sense. The whole process went pretty quick.
-Brandon C., Automobile Accident Victim