Product Liability:One (1) year from when claim accrues.

Personal Injury (Caused by Negligence):One (1) year from when claim accrues.

Statute of Repose:No claim may be brought after ten (10) years from the date of purchase or first use of the product causing or otherwise bringing about the injury, or, one (1) year from the expiration of the product’s useful life, whichever is shorter. Silicone gel breast implant claims must be brought within a period not to exceed twenty-five (25) years from the date such product was implanted, and not less than four (4) years from the date the plaintiff knew or should have known of the injury. Asbestos claims are not subject to any statute of limitations or repose.

Accrual Rule:Statute begins to run the day injury is sustained or manifests itself, absent any barring statute of repose.