New Hampshire

Product Liability:Three (3) years from when claim accrues.

Personal Injury (Caused by Negligence):Three (3) years from when claim accrues.

Statute of Repose:Although a statute of repose is on the books in New Hampshire that states no claim may be brought after twelve (12) years from the date that the product causing or otherwise bringing about the injury left control of the manufacturer or was sold, whichever occurs later, the statute was declared unconstitutional in Heath v. Sears, Roebuck & Co., 123 N.H. 512 (N.H. 1983) and has not been enforced since.

Accrual Rule:Statute begins to run when the injured party discovers, or through reasonable diligence and intelligence should have discovered, the facts that form the basis of a cause of action. In most cases, this is the injury and a causal link. (Discovery Rule Based)