Product Liability:Four (4) years from when claim accrues.

Personal Injury (Caused by Negligence):Four (4) years from when claim accrues.

Statute of Repose:No claim may be brought after twelve (12) years from the date in which the product is first delivered for products whose useful life is ten (10) years or less. If the expected useful life exceeds 10 years, no claim may be brought after the expected useful life of the product. This statute of repose does not apply if the claimant was exposed to or used the product within the repose period, but an injury caused by such exposure or use did not manifest itself until after expiration of the repose period.

Accrual Rule:Statute begins to run when the injured party discovers, or through reasonable diligence and intelligence should have discovered, the facts that form the basis of a cause of action. In most cases, this is the injury and a causal link. (Discovery Rule Based)