Eon Mini Lawyer               

In May and December 2011, Eon Mini manufacturer St. Jude Medical issued Dear Doctor letters describing reports of problems with the Eon Mini IPG and recalling several models of the product. On July 26, 2012, they issued an update to the previous Eon Mini recall, stating they had received 214 reports of problems with the device, and advising doctors to return those listed as potentially defective.

Patients who have suffered injuries because of malfunctioning Eon Mini IPGs may benefit from a consultation with an Eon Mini lawyer.

What is the Eon Mini IPG?

A device used to promote pain and symptom relief, the Eon Mini IPG is implanted under the skin, where it generates electrical impulses that block pain signals from traveling to the brain. It is used for patients who suffer from chronic back pain, while similar devices help reduce symptoms of dystonia and Parkinson’s disease.

St. Jude Medical’s website advertises the Eon Mini as being œFDA-approved to last at least 10 years at high stimulation settings, which means patients may need fewer replacement surgeries¦.

Yet some patients experienced problems with the devices after only six months of use.

St. Jude Announces Eon Mini Recall

On May 24, 2011, St. Jude implemented an Eon Mini Recall of certain models of the device. They stated that they had received 78 reports of problems, including the lost ability to communicate or recharge. In some cases, people reported experiencing 1st or 2nd-degree burns on their skin due to battery overheating while recharging. St. Jude noted that they had determined the cause of the problem”weld failures within the internal battery of the IPG.

On July 26, 2012, the manufacturer sent out another letter to doctors, updating them on the Eon Mini recall. They noted the number of adverse event reports had increased to 214, and acknowledged that more reports could surface in the future. A company investigation initially stated that the weld cracks were attributed to moisture, but additional analysis found the problem stemmed from issues with an equipment supplier.

Eon Mini Lawyer Likely to Claim Breach of Warranty

St. Jude encouraged doctors to return affected devices that have not yet been implanted for free replacements. They added that patients who had a potentially defective device already implanted should be monitored closely, and acknowledged that explant surgeries carry health risks, as do all surgeries.

An Eon Mini lawyer is likely to claim that St. Jude Medical should be held liable for breach of warranty, considering they advertised the Eon device as being a long-lasting solution, and did not warn patients that it may malfunction in as little as six months.

Considering an Eon Mini Lawsuit

If you or a loved one suffered skin burns, reduced pain relief, or a return of symptoms because of a malfunctioning Eon Mini, you may be eligible for an Eon Mini lawsuit. Explant surgeries come with health risks like pain, scarring, and infection, and also cost more money to go through”money that victims were not prepared to spend.

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