Depuy Hip Recall Settlement

Depuy hip recall settlements are monetary awards granted to patients who have sustained serious injuries as a result of using the hip implant device manufactured and marketed in the U.S. by Depuy Orthopedics (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson). Initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2003, the Depuy hip implant was recalled in August 2010 due to evidence that this medical device was causing serious health complications in approximately 1 in every 8 patients using this device.

Such severe side effects that have prompted Depuy Orthopedics to pay settlements to affected patients include:

  • broken bone
  • hip dislocations
  • irreversible muscles and tissue damage
  • loosened hip cups
  • pseudotumors (dense tissue masses similar to tumors)
  • severe allergic reactions

These complications have been known to arise due to the device’s design flaws that have caused the hip implant to:

  • be too shallow
  • grind within the ball-and-socket joint, which, in turn, releases time metallic ions into the body.

How to Secure a Depuy Hip Recall Settlement

Patients who have sustained any of the above hip implant injuries will require emergency medical care to prevent potentially fatal health complications. Once their health is no longer in danger, they are encouraged to contact us to receive a complimentary initial consultation with one of our skilled defective medical device attorneys to receive a professional evaluation of their case, followed by expert advice on how to move forward in order to win Depuy hip recall compensation.

To help injured patients win the maximum possible Depuy hip recall settlement or at trial, our experienced attorneys will:

  • Collect all necessary evidence, which may include physicians’ reports, lab data, academic research, witness statements, etc.
  • Find experts who can testify in legal proceedings and verify the plaintiff’s claims
  • Aggressively litigate the injured party’s rights in court or any necessary legal proceeding

While the amount of a settlement granted will vary according to the type and severity of the injuries and losses a patient sustains, in most cases, Depuy hip recall settlements compensate plaintiffs for their:

  • Outstanding medical bills
  • Recurring treatment costs
  • Permanent disabilities and decreased quality of life
  • Lost wages, if applicable
  • Pain and suffering