Bard Avaulta Mesh Side Effects

Bard Avaulta mesh side effects can cause painful, debilitating injuries to women who have had this medical device implanted within their vaginal wall in an effort to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Intended to strengthen the pelvic region and keep certain organs in place (including the bladder), the Bard Avaulta mesh patch is typically used by women who have undergone certain surgeries or multiple childbirths and, as a result, have significantly weakened vaginal walls.

Despite its success, however, the Bard Avaulta mesh patch has been found to cause a number of serious side effects that can take months or even years after implantation to manifest. Severe Bard Avaulta mesh side effects may include:

  • chronic infections
  • erosion of the urinary tract
  • perforation of the bowels, bladder, or blood vessels during insertion
  • recurring SUI or POP
  • pain during intercourse
  • severe pain in the pelvic region, back, hips or legs

FDA Warnings Regarding Bard Avaulta Mesh Side Effects

On October 20, 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a nationwide warning regarding the severity of Bard Avaulta mesh side effects. In its public statement, the FDA announced that it had received more than 1,000 patient reports within the past three years regarding the side effects associated with nine different transvaginal mesh patches, including the one produced by Bard Avaulta. In addition, the FDA warned healthcare professionals to:

  • receive training for the implantation procedure for the mesh patch
  • be vigilant of the above-mentioned side effects
  • warn their patients of these side effects

Women who develop serious Bard Avaulta mesh side effects should seek emergency medical attention to prevent potentially fatal complications from arising. Once their health is no longer in danger, they are encouraged to learn more about their legal rights and to receive a free, professional evaluation of their case by consulting with a skilled defective medical device attorney at Chaffin Luhana LLP.

Compensation for Bard Avaulta Mesh Side Effects

Women who are injured as a result of using the Bard Avaulta mesh patch will be entitled to a settlement that compensates them for their medical bills, long-term treatment costs, decreased quality of life, pain and suffering. By working with an experienced defective medical device lawyer at our firm, injured women will have the best chances of getting through the legal process as efficiently and successfully as possible.