Alloderm Complication and Side Effects

Alloderm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix is a tissue graft produced by LifeCell (a subsidiary of Kinetic Concepts, Inc. since 2008) that is used in hernia treatments, abdominal wall reconstructions, breast reconstructions (following a mastectomy), periodontal surgeries, and various reconstructive surgeries. Alloderm is regulated as a “banked human tissue” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By using cadaveris dermis and removing cells that may contributed to tissue rejection, Alloderm is effective at developing new blood vessels and attracting white blood cells so that it eventually becomes one with the host cells/tissues in natural manner (as opposed to grafts with synthetic materials).

Despite being effective at restoring damaged tissues, however, Alloderm has been reported to cause some serious side effects and complications, including:

  • dehiscence (the splitting open of an organ or tissues)
  • disease transmission from the graft (LifeCell cannot guarantee that all possible pathogens have been removed, but it does have a strict donor screening process to mitigate the risk of implanting diseased tissue.)
  • hernia relapse (in the event Alloderm is used to treat a hernia or a failure with mesh patch implants)
  • serious allergic reaction
  • seroma (the accumulation of serous fluid in a discrete pocket that develops after a surgery, injury, disease, or physical trauma)
  • sloughing or graft failure (also referred to as graft rejection).

Alloderm Complications and Side Effects Lawyer

Those who develop any of the above Alloderm complications should seek immediate medical attention for a proper diagnosis and prompt treatment in order to prevent further, more severe side effects from developing. As soon as their health stabilizes, injured Alloderm patients should attend a complimentary, no obligations, initial consultation with an experienced defective drug attorney to:

  • Get more information about their legal rights and entitlements
  • Receive a comprehensive, professional evaluation of their case
  • Get expert advice on how to move forward for the best chances of securing the settlement they deserve from LifeCell

Alloderm complications and side effects lawyers are dedicated to aggressively advocating the rights of those who have been injured as a result of this tissue matrix. They will work tirelessly to help their clients get through the legal process as efficiently and successfully as possible so they can focus on recovering and moving on with their lives.

If you or a loved one have used Alloderm and suffered from any side effect including dehiscence, hernia relapse, allergic reaction, seroma, or sloughing you should contact us immediately for a free and confidential case review. You may be entitled to compensation and we can help.